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Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps – Timber base – XS (2-3kgs)


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How does a Himalayan salt lamp work?

Salt is hygroscopic, which is a fancy word meaning that salt attracts water from the area around it. Water molecules float around in the air everywhere, even your home. However, the air also contains dust, pollen, mold, and other allergens. Even bacteria and viruses – eek! Himalayan salt lamps work by attracting the water molecules in your home. The added bonus is it also attracts all the nasties, helping to detox your room. As the bulb heats the lamp, the water vapor is released back into the air, but the lamp holds onto the nasties. Like our WinIon pads and liners, Himalayan salt lamps are also said to release negative ions into the surrounding environment, giving you a happy, peaceful vibe like you get in nature.

Reported benefits of Himalayan Salt Lamps:

* Purifies the air

* Eases allergy and asthma symptoms

* Increases energy levels and reduces stress

* Helps you sleep better

* Reduces electromagnetic radiation

* Improves skin disease


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